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DJ Dumplings

Damus aka DJ Dumplings is a Sydney based DJ. He learnt how to break from bboy Top Cat (SKB) and Hideboo (Raw/Good Smell Crew/143). He joined the Flava Wave crew in 2010 and entered some local jams together such as Australian Bboy Championships & Destructive Steps. He’s been DJ’ing at local comps since 2016. Some notable comps include: UTS Chessboxin’ 1, Hip Hop Showdown 3, Breaking Borders 2nd Year Anniversary, Synergy Vol. 12, Dance Collab Vol. 1, D2MG Vol. 12, STFU 1&2, Drop The Beat 1,2 & 3, Funk You Up Vol. 1, The Vibes, Innov8tion 1 & 2, Blank The Canvas Vol. 1 and MDA’s Wild Card Vol. 1.


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