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DJ Kyle Wood

Brisbane based DJ Kyle Wood, first found his DJ roots in NZ where he lived for 5 years from 2006-2010. Formerly known as DJ T.I.N.T, he currently goes by Bromantix, a DJ duo consisting of both Kyle and his business partner / best mate Zach Horvat. In 2017 Kyle and Zach cofounded DJs2You, a Brisbane based DJ company.


Having 13+ years experience in the professional DJ scene, Kyle has had a very versatile background and is confident at playing a broad range of events including Nightclubs, Weddings, Birthday Parties, Corporate events, Dance Battles & Workshops, just to list a few.


Coming from a professional dance background, Kyle loves giving back to the dance community and being a part of its thriving battle scene. He has partnered with companies such as Elements Collective & CUPO, Mad Dance House, Street Groove, & Swagamama (of which he is also a member), to help bring these dance events to life.


Follow Kyle’s journey on:

Instagram / Facebook @djs2you (DJ Page) @kylerwood (Personal Account)

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