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"NIPPLES is 100% pure, unadulterated *brawn*. Accomplishing more thus far in his otherwise short lifetime than most men, NIPPLES strives perfection where perfection is needed most; everywhere.


Beginning his journey into the are of DJ'ing at the tender age of 1, NIPPLES' parents knew that his was destined for greatness. Some have theorised that his innate skill on the decks were merely a product of their tender love and care. However, NIPPLES knows the truth - skills pay bills; and NIPPLES has paid more than his fair share of bills. People have been known to ask of NIPPLES "why are you so good?!" to which he often responds - "none of your business." Remarkable, really. Such passion. Yet, such carelessness.


Nevertheless, one man may struggle so that ten men may not. This otherwise simple platitude truly encapsulates the essence of NIPPLES.


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