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Form 1 Lane

Form One Lane is Australia’s longest established Bgirl crew, formed in 2007. Comprised of the most well-respected and accomplished bgirls in Australia and Indonesia, the crew has been instrumental in creating visibility and recognition of bgirls in a male dominated element. With multiple Australian Bgirl Championship wins and over a decade each of involvement in breaking events both locally and internationally, every F1L member has their own unique history of achievements and paid dues. Form One Lane continues to support the hip hop community with members remaining active in judging, dj’ing and competing. Currently the crew’s primary focus is mentoring the next generation of bgirls and young women in hip hop.

Crew members

Melo (Bgirl, DJ) Melbourne

Stash (Bgirl) Melbourne

Lize (Bgirl) Melbourne

Karla (Popper) Melbourne

Viv (Bgirl) Perth

NovieOne (Bgirl) Bali, Indonesia

Training Ground

Info to come.