Breaking Judging &
Grading System

For most of the worldwide B-Boy and B-Girl Community the Battle of the Year is a unique and very important event. That’s why every decision made on this event has a big influence to the whole scene. The judges have a big responsibility. That’s why we were looking for equal rules of judging for every Battle of the Year event, to make the system of judging more transparent and understandable for everybody.

The following explanations will give you as an organiser, a judge or a dancer a guideline how to decide or participate at Battle of the Year events.

First of all a jury member has to be in a position to estimate a lot of different criteria. Of course not every jury member knows everything, but we claim to be open minded and willing to learn new things without forgetting the foundations. Open your eyes for developments and innovations in B-Boying.

The Battle of the Year has always been a B–Boying/Girling championship.

Judging is divided into criteria that is then further separated into deeper evaluation items. Criteria is divided into two categories, an addition category and a deduction category. Addition category criteria will score you points and deduction category criteria  will remove score from your total.

Photography by .JNY

Dancers must register in order to participate in the Olympic process and be considered as a candidate to represent Australia for Breaking in the 2024 Olympics.



Evaluation  Criteria 

Evaluation  Items


Evaluation  Criteria

Evaluation  Result


1. Principle 

2. Art 

3. Strategy 

4. Dynamics 

5. Confidence (0.5)

  • Approach and Interpretation of Music

  • Foundational Depth

  • Form and Technique

  • Authenticity

  • Innovation

  • Character and Style

  • Quantity

  • Variety

  • Approach to Battle

  • Control

  • Response

  • Energy

  • Difficulty

  • Balance/Control

  • Speed

  • Strength

  • Stamina

  • Flexibility

  • Performance

1. Execution 

2. Repeat 

3. Bite

3. Crash 

4. Misbehaviour 

  • Negative Score

  • Negative Score

  • Negative Score

  • Negative Score

  • Negative Score