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MC Fongo

When you hear the name Team Cream Studios you might think of that dollop of cream on your scone and jam or the full cream milk that makes your latte taste so amazing, or perhaps it's the Internationally winning Gold Coast Break Dance group that leaves audiences with jaws so wide open with amazement it makes Qantas' air hangers look like a spec of dust.


If your event needs that caffeine kick to energize the room or those feel good 5pm RnB Fridays vibes then look no further than Team Cream.


When Team Cream hit the stage the audience will become immediately engaged and all eyes will be drawn to the high flying acrobatic skills, unbelievable world class break dancing moves, tongue in cheek comedy and crowd participation that will have you thinking geez is this a 4D movie.


With an exceptional history of performing for European royal families, Commonwealth events, record breaking television programs, Australia's best themeparks and even possibly your next event, the boys from Team Cream won't disappoint.


Whether your after a Flash Mob routine at a black tie event, a funky I need my sunglasses the colours are so bright 80/90s theme party or even an out of this world space man theme, we can make it happen!


And when it comes to involving the audience we have done it all, from organising CEO's to dance battle each other, uniting a room with soul trains, or getting everyone out of their seats and dancing the night away, we can offer your event something special, rememberable and most of all fun!


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