2020 Breakdown

2020 Events and Rankings

This year was tough on our community with COVID-19 restrictions making it difficult for everyone especially for events and our regular social and training gatherings. But we pulled through and still made it a great year.

The below events were included in the Australian Breaking Rankings for 2020. Only live events were included this year and only events that were brought to the attention of the ABA. From 2021 onwards, ABA will increase its outreach to include more events across the nation as well as online events qualifying for inclusion in the Australian Breaking Rankings to allow for fair participation for all in Australia.

- Lunar Block Party (SYD)

- Breakin' Borders 5th Anniversary Jam (SYD)

- BrisAsia (QLD)

- Ryugi vol.26 (SYD)

- World Bboy Classic AUS qualifier (SYD)

- Ryugi vol.27 (SYD)

- Mighty Morphin MEGA Battles (SYD)

- Uprock Breaking Jam (SYD)

- Destructive Steps 12 (SYD)

Top 5 Bboys for 2020

1. Monsta (Team Cream, QLD)

2. Lowe (SKB, SYD)

3. Harry (HFZ/JUSE, SYD)

4. Motin (Lucha Libre, JAPAN)

5. Kohey (143 LSF/Illest Fellaz, JAPAN)

Top 5 Bgirls for 2020

1. Raygun (143 LSF, SYD)

2. Tinylocks (Queens of QLD, QLD)

3. Flix (Queens of QLD, QLD)

4. Ting (143 LSF, SYD)

5. Patrix (ROMANIA) & Sparklez (SYD)

View the full rankings on our website. (member sign up required)

Breaking's inclusion in the 2024 Olympics

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) officially confirmed that Breaking will debut in the Paris Olympics Games 2024.

Olympic selection process for Australia

From the beginning of 2021, all events that satisfy the requirements for the ABA rankings will be included in the selection process to choose Australia's candidates to represent at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Check out the 'Breaking for Gold' page on our website for a snapshot of the Olympic journey and be sure to register for the Olympics and ABA Events via the button below if you want to have the chance to represent Australia for Breaking in the 2024 Olympics!!

*Note. Please read the Olympics terms and conditions prior to registering and check out our FAQ page as it may help answer some of your queries.

Upcoming Events

1st - 31st January 2021 - ABA Battle Series 1 (Online)

Registration required via our website. Click the event details below for more info.

Happy New Year to everyone! Let's make 2021 another great year!

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