ABA Battle Series "2" results

The 2nd ABA Battle Series event took place at the end of May 2021 in Prestons NSW. Bgirls and Bboys from interstate joined the battle however, due to COVID-19 restrictions Victorians were unable to participate which was disappointing.

The dance floor was still lit on fire with some of our top breakers across the nation showcasing their skills in head to head battles. Bgirls were going all out with Hannah (Hybrid Formz) making an impression as she made it to the semi finals going toe to toe with veteran and 2020 no.1 ranked Bgirl Raygun (143 Liverpool St Familia).

The finals consisted of no.1 ranked Holy Molly (Wollongangsterz) and no.2 ranked Raygun (143 Liverpool St Familia), with Raygun taking the title for ABA Battle Series "2". With this result, Raygun and Holy Molly are now tied for the no.1 rank in the Australian Breaking Rankings.

The Bboy division had some hype exchanges straight from the first round of Top 16 battles with SKB crew mates, Skywalker and Jericho blowing it up with their explosive moves and J-Attack (Team Cream), who has been on a winning streak wowed everyone with some crazy moves. Bboy Tepo (S@W/143LSF) and Mighty Duck (143 LSF/RAW/Cult Classics) were in the finals with Tepo taking the win for Queensland.

Shoutout to 143 Liverpool St Familia, taking out the top results for ABA Battle Series "2" and for supporting numerous community jams across NSW and Australia.

See the entire event on our IG - @australianbreakingassociation or see the battles from Top16 onwards on our Youtube channel - Australian Breaking Association.

ABA Battle Series "2" sponsors

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