And the results are in from the first edition of the ABA Battle Series.

2021 kicked off with the first edition of the ABA Battle Series, featuring battles throughout the month of January via an online platform. ABA Battle Series 1 (ABABS1) showcases some of Australia's top Bboys and Bgirls across the nation.

Out of 57 Bboys and 18 Bgirls who participated in the online event, Benny Bucho from Queensland representing Team Cream/Skill At Will topped the Bboy category and a young up and coming Bgirl from Wollongong in NSW representing the Wolongangsterz Crew, Holy Molly took everyone by surprise by winning the Bgirl category.

2020 no.1 ranked Bgirl Raygun came in 2nd as well as Australian Bgirl pioneer, Bgirl Flix shows us that she's still got it making it to the semi finals. Western Australia also showing us what they got with 10yr old Bgirl Baby-V taking on some of the veterans in the scene making it to top 8 in the Bgirl category as well as Blood Nosed Taj and Isaac making it to the top 8 for the Bboys.

Bboy Jericho representing SKB, who was also the no.1 Youth Bboy representing Australia in the Breaking for Gold events for the Youth Olympics 2017/18, came in 2nd in the Bboy category for ABABS1. The Bboy category showcases some of our top tier Bboys in Australia with veterans such as Sette, Monsta and Fongo showing off their skills as well as Wildrok from Justice Crew back in action, taking part in the ABABS1.

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