Australia's no.1 Street Dance Festival - Destructive Steps 12

Photos by .JNY

Currently the most sought after prize in the Australian Breaking scene is the Destructive Steps Breaking Championship title. Destructive Steps attracts the top Bboys and Bgirls from all over Australia as well as world class dancers from around the globe.

With almost 50 participants this year, Bboy Lowe from SKB crew took the 1v1 Breaking title for the second time, previously winning the 2017 title in combination with Australian Red Bull BC One title. Lowe showed great skill and dominated the competition shooting him up the ranks to no.2 in the Australian Breaking rankings.

Bboy Kohey from Japan representing Illest Fellaz & 143 LSF, came in second impressing the judges with his strong foundations and intricate footwork. Kohey is now currently ranked no.5 after achieving this result. Sign up and become a member on our site and check out the current rankings accessible in the member menu.

Stay tuned for the online edition hosted by DSDA this weekend, December 12th & 13th for Destructive Steps 12 - Online for worldwide participation.

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