Australian Breaking Rankings Event Process

Updated: May 31

ABR Event Process

All open Breaking events run by members of the community that wish to be included in the Australian Breaking Rankings must submit an “ABR Event Registration Form”.

Find the ABR Event Registration Form in the link below:

Event categorising process

The Ranking and Ratings Committee (RARC) are to discuss and suggest what category each event/division will fall under for point allocations and will be the first point of contact for all ranking and ratings queries. The event rating will be submitted to the ABA executives for final approval for event inclusion into the ABR and point allocations.

Criteria considered but not limited to:

- Size of event

- Credibility

- Stakes

- National participation

- Calibre

Point allocation

Points allocated are per event category, not for the entire event. E.g. Destructive Steps may hold 1v1 Bboy, 1v1 Bgirl and 3v3 Open categories. Each approved category will be allocated points according to what the event is categorised. In this case, DS is likely to be categorised as a C3 event, so all approved categories will have 500 points allocated to each of the winners and so on for those that qualify in the brackets - top16, top8, etc. each receiving the allocated points per approved category in the event. Points are divided by the number of members in team categories (e.g. 500points divided by 3 members = 166.67 points per member).

The above process is subject to change.

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