Monsta - Rank#1 Bboy in AUS

Jacob Goodridge is a breaker from Penrith Sydney. He goes by the name Bboy Monsta and it was at the age of 14, that Bboy Monsta started breaking. Bboy Monsta’s breaking style has always been inspired to be an all rounder, he never wanted to shut out any possibility of movement and skills.

Breaking connected him to so many people. He has had so many crews such as Team Cream’, a hungry bunch of older breakers that pushed one another and the younger generation to reach new levels. The move to Brisbane has allowed Bboy Monsta to stay inspired and driven, as he is constantly surrounded by different breakers that share and exchange moves and ideas. Bboy Monsta finds inspiration in videos of up and coming Bboys, his crews and international competitions.

His message to the next generation of breakers is to focus on all aspects of breaking, not just one, to learn and travel, to meet, share and exchange ideas and moves.

Learn more about Bboy Monsta in an interview with Ryugi.

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