School Breaks in WA

SCHOOL BREAKS Pro's and protégés jam.

Breakin students from all over West Australia experiencing a positive hip hop culture event, hosted by representatives of the West Australian aba, perths breakin leaders and teachers. Viv Laver Andre Dias Da Silva Adriel Ng Raz Laver Brendan Burns

8 of the top breakers in Western Australia teamed with 8 of the rising star students in the PRO'S & PROTÉGÉS battle!

The final battle was between the teams of : Bgirl baby V from Freestyle edge and bboy Taiju from s.o.s. clan. -vs- Bboy Jori from the Dance collective and bboy Jurnee from s.o.s clan.

It was an incredibly close final battle and after 3 crazy rounds from each dancer it took the judges sometime to come to a decision. ultimately the win went to Bgirl baby V and bboy Taiju

Congratulations to all the bboys and bgirls who battled, the skills and confidence where on display from all.

Also we had our first ever SCHOOL VS SCHOOL BATTLES !

The first battle we had Freestyle Edge -vs- Breakin Traditions

The energy was high in this exchange with each crew putting down fire rounds and routines.

The second battle we had Pineapple and zucchini's-vs-the Dance collective.

Explosive moves and great energy from both crews with tons of respect shown .

Big thanks to everybody who attended or competed ,thanks to all who helped organise the event and help on the day .

Thanks to our "pro's" the top bboys in perth really made the next generation feel welcomed, thanks to our musical guest Bobby Sazdov and thanks to our chef mitch and helpers who provided food on the day.

Thank you to the incredible D.J. Chuan Yuan Hung provided the vibes for the day.

We look forward to announcing our next event really soon....

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