WDSF Judges Congress announcement

The second WDSF (World DanceSport Federation) Threefold Adjudicator Congress is coming up on August 27th & 29th!

This Congress will be focused on educating potential judges on the Three-Fold Judging System (three judging criteria). This criteria is to be used for WDSF competitions excluding WDSF Championships and Games, and is recommended for use at National-level competitions. In comparison, the Trivium Judging System (six judging criteria) is to be used for all WDSF Championships and Games.

For future WDSF Breaking events, only licensed Breaking Judges will be nominated by WDSF. (Recent WDSF Breaking events include the WDSF European Breaking Championships.)

Only WDSF Breaking judges with Three Folds Judging System qualification will be eligible to attend congresses to obtain the Trivium Judging System license, which is required to judge the Games.

Please note that you must be retired from competition to qualify as a judge, and there are fees associated with attending the congress and registering as a judge.

There are currently no planned WDSF events in Australia.

If you are interested in attending this congress, please follow the steps below:

1. Email australianbreakinassociation@gmail.com to register your interest. We will email you documents for your viewing to see if you qualify.

2. If you qualify as a judge, you will be guided through the registration process which includes registering for membership for DSA (DanceSport Australia) and WDSF, and signing up for the congress upon WDSF approval.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us.

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