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How do I register for the Olympics?

See the link below.

How do I join the tier/open sessions?

You must be registered for the Olympics and you must rank within the top 10 in your state to qualify for Olympic Tiers, dancers are encouraged to enter competitions to accumulate points for the rankings. You must be registered for the Olympics to be able to participate in open sessions if they are available in your state. Open sessions vary per state and will be open to all non-beginners. (please contact your state reps for details). We recommend begginers to take classes at local studios. You can find most studios that offer Breaking on our website or contact your state reps/ABA via our email -

How are the top tier/rep candidates selected?

All Tiers and/or Rep Candidates are selected via the following criterion: ranking, average score, commitment/dedication and national/international impact and activity.

How many people are selected for the Olympic qualifiers?

Currently, 1 bboy and 1 bgirl may qualify through to the Olympic finals. However, the number is not specified for the first qualifying events leading to the 2024 Olympics in Paris. ABA are looking to select a team of up to 5 bboys and 5 bgirls to participate and respresent Australia in the qualifying events for 2024 Olympics.

Are there programs for Bgirls and/or the Youth?

Yes. There will be programs for females and the youth both for cultural growth and Olympic selection purposes. These programs will vary per state, ABA state reps are to determine what is possible and what suits best. The Olympic process for the Youth including Olympic registration will begin in 2022. Events and rankings from 2021 with youth divisions will count towards the initial 2022 Tier invitations for the youth, as well as the rankings for the youth. Further updates will be provided.

How do the rankings work for Olympic participants?

Rankings function the same for all. However, participants registered for the Olympics have to compete against, and are ranked with, all who compete in Australian events. They must meet the requirements in order to have the chance to be selected as a possible candidate for the Olympics. Olympic registered participants are filtered according to their state ranking for Olympic development programs and further filtered on a national scale for the selection of Australian rep candidates.

What are the age brackets for both the adult and youth divisions for the Olympics?

To be eligible to particpate in the Youth Olympics, participants must be between the ages of 15-18 years old in the year of the Youth Olympics. The next Youth Olympic Games are scheduled for 2026. To be eligible to participate in the Olympics, participants must be 16 years and over. The next Olympic Games are scheduled for 2024.

How does the selection process work for the Olympics?

Please see the flow chart in the link below. Events, programs and activities are subject to change. ABA will make official announcements upon confirmation as soon as practicable.

How can I check if I am eligible to participate in the Olympics?

Please see the Olympic terms and conditions upon registration. Note. You will have to sign up to become a member on the website to be able to access Olympic registrations on the member menu. See the below link for this process.


Can I get a refund?

You may get a refund for any incorrect transactions made by the ABA and/or the cancellation of a single live or online event that requires a registration fee to participate.

Olympic registration fees are non-refundable. In the unlikely event that any or all divisions for Breaking in the Olympics are cancelled, refunds will not be issued as all financial transactions to the ABA will be used to help produce future events and activities for the community.

How do the rankings work?

Rankings are determined by results from open events and competitions from all over Australia. These events are open to everyone, not just Australians or Olympic participants. Each event will have allocated points from qualified brackets (Top 16, 32, etc.) in which competitors would accumulate as they participate in events. Only events that have a Breaking category or otherwise approved by the ABA upon circumstances with a tournament format will be included in the rankings. ABA will contact organisers or vice versa, for information required for events to be included in the rankings. Events are categorized from C1 to C4 (C4 has the most points) based on conditions such as but not limited to size of event, credibility and stakes.

Can I participate in events if I am not registered for the Olympics?

Yes you can. All events will function as per normal, open to all unless otherwise specified by the event organisers.

What is required for events to be included in the rankings?

Only events that have a Breaking category or otherwise approved by the ABA upon circumstances with a tournament format will be included in the rankings. ABA will contact organisers or vice versa via an event registration form, for information required such as participants list, brackets and more for events to be included in the rankings. For further enquiries please contact

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