Est.2009. Trickatrons is a Sydney-based bboy crew consisting of members from all over the world. What first started as a unison of like-minded bboys evolved in to a movement of energy, hype and camaraderie. Exploding on to the Sydney bboy scene in 2009, Trickatrons made a lasting impression at every battle they entered nationally and internationally - being known for their unparalleled spirit, high level moves and livers to rival the Vikings. Above all, the members of Trickatrons have become lifelong brothers that continue to represent the crew in all aspects of life, no matter where they are in the world.

Crew members

Karol Abrate

Paulo Adorable

Lorenz Agoncillo

Adam Dionisio

Jeremiah Dionisio

Leo Chan

Jason Moraleda

Jack Hernandez

Florent Iozzia

Tommy Ditthavong

Sven Pham

Taitaa Sersiron

Tj Soeng

Adrian Torio

Haroun Wahlee

Paul Zander

Allan Amos

Casey Pangandian

Brian Zhu

Eric Glissant

Kiya Delmas

Joshua Shriver

Harvey Rancudo

Lachlan Tai

Training Ground

Parramatta PCYC

Friday (Free)


(requires PCYC membership $30/yr)