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The Australian Breaking Association (ABA) is a non-profit organisation run entirely by volunteers who are leaders within the Australian breaking community. 

ABA's purpose is to help nourish and support the growth of the Australian breaking and hip-hop community. Promoting culture and establishing relationships that lead to economic business and sponsorship opportunity to support both the creative and athletic aspects of our dance and dancers.

ABA provides a structure and platform for dancers of all ages, demographics and abilities. We promote the social, cultural and artistic aspects of breaking.

ABA will provide support and distribute information which will enhance the growth of the breaking community as well as developing an economical system to allow sustainability for local dance businesses and organisations who create opportunity and jobs amongst our community. Assistance for event organisers, teachers and competitors as well as sharing and promoting of classes, workshops & events around Australia.

ABA is a not-for-profit group composed of volunteers including by not limited to established members from the breaking community, business owners, artistic directors, mentors & community workers.

The associations focus will concentrate on but not limited to:

  • Breaking / dance events, festival & competitions

  • Breaking / dance workshops & classes

  • Social activities and events to promote hip-hop culture

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